BaseBallBoy is here!

Introduce yourself to the community and warmly welcome new users here.
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BaseBallBoy is here!

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There is no need to fear, BaseBallBoy is here! lol, hello, obviously my name is BaseBallBoy AKA DJ Weems, I found Ecere by accident on irc. I was searching through the channel list on freenode and I tried to click the channel above #ecere and I missed and clicked #ecere, and for the most part I have been here ever since then. I live in Alabama, from the USA, I am 15 years old. I love helping people when I can, I am in the middle of learning C++, and soon to be learning Ecere.
I play a 2D MMORPG called TheManaWorld ( ) it is one of the best MMO's I have ever played. I have been playing it for about two years now. If you have any further question please don't hesitate to ask.
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Re: BaseBallBoy is here!

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Welcome BaseBallBoy! ;-) -- We wouldn't want you to feel left out!

Learning eC/Ecere SDK yet?

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