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I'm Redj, software developer and Ecere contributor and I live near Ottawa, ON. I'm always in #ecere on IRC (link above - freenode) and I follow what's happening there and try to help when I can. So, please come by and say hi.

I've been an Ecere contributor since some time in 2005. I will attempt to list all of my contributions to the Ecere SDK here.
  • Ongoing work on the eC toolchain.
    • Assisted in porting the eC compiler from c to eC.
    • Split the compiler code out of ecp, ecc, ecs, ide and documentor and into the eC library .
    • Use of UPX to provide a compress option.
    • epj2make.
    • Cross-platform makefiles.
    • Cross-compiler support.
  • Ongoing work on the IDE.
    • IDE Debugger (GDB integration).
    • Workspace feature.
    • Project-related features.
    • Per-file options.
    • Find in files feature.
  • Ecere Data Abstraction (EDA).
    • Some work on the API.
    • Some work on drivers.
  • SDK extras.
    •, A regular expression class wrapping libc's regexp.
I've also contributed the following project(s).
  • Ecere Explorer, an early (and incomplete) implementation of a file manager.
So that's about it, so far. I hope you enjoy eC/Ecere and help us make it better. There is much value and potential in it.

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nice! :D i hope to become an expert just like you :D and help in the development of eC, ReactOS and of course my own future projects <3
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