Hello from England

Introduce yourself to the community and warmly welcome new users here.
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Hello from England

Post by errare »

I'll first give a quick breif background of myself. I am 23 years old and I am currently a full time student at a college studying a level 3 IT course. The subjects are varied, its more of a generalisation of everything. After college I hope to go to University to study computer science.

You could say I'm a newbie to linux. I used to mostly use windows because of software compatibility issues with college. However I have decided to keep linux on my home computer for good now; I'll sort out a solution for the compatibility issues when I come to it again haha.

I have only ever programmed in Visual Basic because it was one of my subjects at college. When I go back to college in September I will be programming in Dark Basic ( So I've been told ) which is for games development. However, I've always been interested in learning C++, Python and Perl. I have only recently started trying to learn C++, then I met Esphynx in the IRC #Programming channel and we talked and he introduced me to Ecere and eC.

I am finding it difficult to learn at the moment the coding but I am persevering with it because it's a skill a really want to be good at one day and unleash my inner creativity, once I know how to achieve it. I am am very enthusiastic about learning and my imagination is huge, which should help me when programming. I just need to equip myself with the tools first before I can do anything haha.

Anyway I think that is enough about me for now. You will most likely see me in the IRC chat. Feel free to say hello! :D
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Re: Hello from England

Post by redj »

Welcome errare!!!

I don't know why this post has been unanswered for so long, sorry about that.

It bugged me that nobody has answered you so I wanted to really welcome you to the Ecere community.

Did you have a chance to join us on IRC (#ecere on irc.freenode.net) (there's a link on the website if you need a web-based client) to say hi or to ask questions. Are you there under some other nick?

Big, if very late, welcome!

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