Hi from Chicago area

Introduce yourself to the community and warmly welcome new users here.
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Hi from Chicago area

Post by richard567 »

Hi all,

I'm Rich from Chicago, Illinois, USA area. A bit of background. Most experience is from 20-30 years ago using DOS based programming including BASIC, QBasic (more recently), and DBase. I am an amateur and have been mostly out of programming for the last 20 years with some exceptions. My projects have mostly been simple personal use programs, except I did created a billing system using BASIC and later DBase way back when.

Recently I found out about the MS VB 2010 Express suite and created a program using Visual Basic having to do with mixing blends of gasoline and ethanol. Works great and recreated the useful part of it using MS C++ 2010 Express. The problem was that these are dependent on Windows and installing .NET Framework 4 which many people don't yet have installed. Many people also run other operating systems. I then started another personal project using MS C++ 2010 Express but ran into problems with MS unable to compile some related .c and .h files. So after trying numerous IDE's, I found Ecere could compile the related .c and .h files and also had the visual forms designer. I need that because I am still an amateur. But now I'm stuck and need a bit of help (LOL).
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Re: Hi from Chicago area

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Welcome Richard :)

I'm glad you're making a come back into programming and chose Ecere to do so!

We're here to help. The Ecere SDK has a significant collection of tools, so don't hesitate to ask for the best way to accomplish anything with it.

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Re: Hi from Chicago area

Post by redj »

Thank you for introducing yourself Richard!
Welcome to the Ecere community! :-)

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