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eC expressiveness

Post by nickdobrinich »

High marks for eC. ... ssiveness/

But not as well known or popular. ... ings-1-13/

Just two guys' opinions.
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Re: eC expressiveness

Post by jerome »

Hi nick,

Yes I saw that post :)

The data might be somewhat misleading though, as there are just a few projects on the sources (Ohloh and Github) actually written in eC. Also, some of the projects that are included are not eC but "Preprocessed GOC Source Code" or some other language.

But still, I believe eC is extremely expressive, and those other source files that happen to be using .ec extensions (Which I think are C like) are probably worsening the statistics, if anything :D

As for popularity, eC is indeed not very known/popular yet.

So please everyone, go ahead and share your eC projects with the world on GitHub :)


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