Too much at once...

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Too much at once...

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I never seem to be able to stick with one project for too long... As a result I have 3 eC projects on the go right now.

The most recent is a simple Customer Management System for the Computer repair company that I'm starting.

I have been avidly working on an RPG Engine, which has been through many style changes, the most recent being something more like Mario RPG but 3D, kind of like an RPG/Adventure rather than a strict RPG, but this project has been backburnered at the moment...

I've recently come back to another dream program that I've got. An MMO trading/rpg game where you have pieces for the arena(these are traded amongst the players) which are slid around on the board, making it an ever changing maze to navigate through. Very similar to the boardgame Labrynth.

My immediate priority is the CMS, as that's for an actual money making company, YAY!
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