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【求助 help me】找不到单选框与复选框控件了 don't find checkbox

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【求助 help me】找不到单选框与复选框控件了 don't find checkbox

Postby Robin Chen » Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:01 am

我在做窗体的时候没找到单选框与复选框控件。求教。工具箱内容实在太少。 :cry:

------------------以下内容来自谷歌翻译(The following comes from Google Translation)-------------

I do not find the time to form a single box with a check box control. Neighborhoods. Toolbox content is too small. :cry:
Robin Chen
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Re: 【求助 help me】找不到单选框与复选框控件了 don't find checkbox

Postby jerome » Tue Jun 28, 2016 3:04 pm

Hi there,

Sorry for late reply. Please send me a private message or come on #ecere / if I take a long time to reply, as sometimes the phpBB post notifications are not working and I miss the post on the forums.

You can create a check box by doing:
Code: Select all
 Button { isCheckbox = true }
You can either set a 'caption' for it to have some text associated, or just have the checkbox by itself. You can also tweak the size of the box with the 'size' property.

In a future version we will likely split the check box into a separate control so that it shows as an additional control in the toolbox and is easier to find.

Best regards,

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