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Re: Q3 - ScrollBars

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:42 am
by D.Bane
Haha :)

The last two properties were just what I needed :)

When a window opened it would not show everything as the scrollbar would not get properly drawn (not a bug in Ecere). Now I wanted to answer to your post and tried the
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ScrollArea = null;
and it returned great results (just what I needed actually), then I added the
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modifyVirtualArea = true;
and it is what I wanted.

Because of some reason it would not show the text, then it would hide it and then show it again...Then it would not hide it if the mouse was outside the window when it appears or it would not show it if the window was inside...

Well if anyone else has these problems the answer is simple and it goes like this:

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modifyVirtualArea = true; //set it up where you set the rest of the class properties
parent.scrollArea = null;// set it up where you have some action that changes the size of the child
//It also works if you set it up like scrollArea=null; if you are doing it from the window that you want to update the scrollBars.

If you have something like the next few lines in the code nope, than that is most probably causing the should not set both of them up like Jerome said
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clientSize = 20; //some random number was used
scrollArea = 20; //some random number was used

Thank you Jerome,
All the best