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is ecere sdk still alive?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:54 pm
by rolen
is this project supported by the creator?

will there be future updates?

i dont want to invest my time and heart into another platform that will be gone soon.

i have abandonment issues with new frameworks sdks some that i used went down and disappeared mercilessly. somtimes without warning.

is this going to happen to me with this sdk? it looks awsome and i want to get into it.

is it going to last for a long time?

Re: is ecere sdk still alive?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:38 am
by jerome
Hi Rolen,

The Ecere SDK is very much alive. I have worked on it for 20 years and will likely keep working on it for another 20 years.
There will be future updates for sure, but not sure when the next official release will be.
If you are curious about the latest development, you can always peek at the 'dev' branch
( ).

Looking forward to see you become an active member of our community!

Warm welcome,


Re: is ecere sdk still alive?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:11 pm
by rolen
good thats reassuring.

i started porting my stuff to your sdk. your replay gives me the green light to get into it fully.

its an awsome tool it has everything for graphics and gui etc. you did a good job. its great as it is.

why dont you have a patreon page? youtube, reddit, discord chanel etc etc. this could help alot bringing exposure users and some income. im planing my c++ tuts soon. your environment seems like a perfect candidate for beginners and advanced almost no need to use any external libs.

thank you for your fast replay.

Re: is ecere sdk still alive?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 6:07 pm
by jerome
Dear Rolen,

Glad to have you become a dedicated user!

Re: social media etc., being active in all these different channels is time-consuming.

We do have a Facebook page:
YouTube: ... mEm29MJZgg
We also have an IRC channel on FreeNode: #ecere ( )