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Need Help To How Installing First Time Ecere

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Need Help To How Installing First Time Ecere

Postby fasasoftware » Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:31 am

Dear Jerome,
Dear Ecere ,
I found you after long time searching the web..for a language easy and cross platform and possibly Open Source...Ok I found You..

At first sight it could be easy(not too easy for me but...)...i'm learning c,c++ with arduino programs by my own.

My question is... Could you please tell me the steps to setup easily "ECERE".....because when i try to compile.. i've got a message error....the object .sym file.error compilation...I cant build the HELLO WORLD...
i have seen in the forum that you have already discussed alredy this problem... but please i need to be succeful with your software..because is thery powerful!!!
I have downloaded mingw32 have installed all...but if in the future will be an installer automatic would be great....
Another will be the compilation for html5??? i thank you so much!!

Thanks a lot in advance,
Lestroso :oops:
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Re: Need Help To How Installing First Time Ecere

Postby jerome » Tue Nov 03, 2015 4:00 pm

Dear Lestroso,

I apologize for answering so late, somehow I did not receive a notification for this post.

I hope you are still interested in using Ecere. In the future if I fail to reply promptly please e-mail me directly at

We do have an installer for Windows, you will find it on the 'Install' tab of the website.

We are working on Web support (which currently requires WebGL) and this is available in the shaders' branch of our Git repository (

Here is an example application running with WebGL:

Regarding your compilation error, it would be helpful if you would show the exact errors copy-pasted from the Error log, and a screenshot of the entire Ecere IDE would also be useful in figuring out what is going on.

Best regards,

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